Jillian Williams head swim coach held sick child from mother

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Formal Complaint about Coach Jillian Williams – Bishop Moore

This is a formal complaint regarding inappropriate conduct of Coach Jillian. On October 29th, 2011 Coach Jillian a Bishop Moore High School swim coach tried to supersede a parent's right to pick up her sick child from a school swim meet and to hold her in custody and retain her without my authorization. Coach Jillian over zealousness lost sight as she does not have any rights to retain my child when she is sick or otherwise. Coach Jillian overzealous to WIN was more important than her concern for my daughter's health. McKenzie had been sick with cold and sore throat. I was very apprehensive to allow her to participate in her swim meet and insisted McKenzie stay home but, McKenzie insisted she go because Coach Jillian said "no excuses" all team members have to be there regardless.

I told McKenzie if she was too sick to stay, that she is call me and I would pick her up. I was called by McKenzie to pick her up at 4:00 because she was really sick. I came to the meet and looked all over for coach Jillian to let her know I am taking McKenzie to the doctor because she is really sick. After searching for her I found her sitting with other coaches socializing. I went up to her and let her know McKenzie is sick; and McKenzie called me to pick her up (McKenzie told Coach Jillian she was really sick that morning and blew her off as if it didn't matter). When I found the Coach Jillian said to me "YOU CANNOT TAKE HER", I said "excuse me." She again said "YOU CANNOT TAKE HER." I was astounded with her tone, belligerent attitude, and treatment in front of her peers. I said to her "are you saying you are holding my child hostage? Are you superseding her mother care for her sick child? Coach Jillian said she can't leave because of liability and you cannot take her. I told her I am the parent and liable for her and she is leaving to go to the DR.

Coach Jillian follows right behind me and YELLIING" MCKENZIE, MCKENZIE, MCKENZIE," over and over again embarrassing and humiliating me and my daughter in front of the team and other spectators. I had to tell her to discontinue twice firmly discontinuing speaking to my daughter that way and stop yelling her name out. I left the meet and took McKenzie directly to the Dr. the Dr. was shocked when I told him the coach would not let her leave. The Dr, prescribed a heavy dose of antibiotics, and 2 other over the counter meds and wrote a script for 2 days of bed rest without activity or school. I personally hold her responsible and intend to hold her liable for bulling her and inflicting additional stress to perform that I believe is self- motivated for personal gain rather than concern for my daughter's health. McKenzie has a mild heart condition that I have informed Coach Jillian of in the past and have informed her that when she gets too tired to let her rest a bit. McKenzie has told me that coach Jillian told her she was exhausted at times and needed to rest to only be instructed by her to push on harder. I am angry and frustrated and humiliated by her actions and fully intend to take action and this serves as a formal complaint.



you really need to get a lawyer!!!!!!!I just wonder how many other students this woman has done this or worse to!

Making the children think her authority is above a parents!!! She should be FIRED and never be allowed to have children in her care!

My guess is she is ex-military.Don't sit on this!!!


That *** coach should have been fired and you really should have sued the school responsible for her actions.That lady sounds epic crazy to me and I worry for the other swimmers she thinks she has rule over.

WOW.Crazy ***


After reporting the incident to BM, coach Jillian Williams refuses to take ownership of her rude and inappropiate behavior after she was notified she had until 5:00 pm to write a written applogy for her outburst an inappropiate behavior.A coach does not superceed parents rights to care for a sick child.

It is apparent her egotistical attitute prohibits herself from doing what is right.But again, in her eyes its about winning at all costs.

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